Miss. Waddington's THE SHADOW NINJAS

"You can get help from teachers, but you are going to have to learn a lot by yourself, sitting alone in a room". -Dr. Seuss

Miss. Waddington's THE SHADOW NINJAS

Last Week Fun!!!

On the Monday the week before school ended we decided to have a themed games party!

Check out our cool outfits 🙂

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Grade 4 Moving on Ceremony

We all dressed up and received our certificates! Grade 5 here come the Shadow Ninjas!

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Our farewell song!

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Grade 1 Buddy Time

Today, we spent valuable time with our 1st grade ‘Buddies’ 🙂

It ended up being a great time to show off some of our dancing skills the last 15 minutes on a Friday afternoon!

Check out some of our moves!

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Doing Experiments

The Shadow Ninjas took part in 3 different mini experiments.

Check out some cool pictures that show a glimpse of what it was we did.

Students have created their lab reports and some will be posted soon on their blogs.


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Step Up Day!

Step Up Morning was fun!!!!

It was a time where 4th grade could hopefully settle butterflies that 3rd graders may be feeling because they will be transitioning to 4th grade next year.

The Shadow Ninjas did a great job being mentors for the 3rd graders during this one hour period.

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Student Blogs

Don’t forget to check out all the blog posts by the Shadow Ninjas!

Just click on the tab above titled “Student Blogs 14/15”

Saturday Service

On Saturday two students from each 4th grade class participated in a Saturday Service program.

The students were lucky enough to spend some time with PCF students around the same age as them and also be mentored by two MS students.

Have a look below at what activities they took part in that day.

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